The “Re-Cycling. Bike Reuse and Riding Fair’” project, financed by the Erasmus Sport Program, is intended to re-engage kids in sport after the pandemic crisis, to re-establish a healthy lifestyle through cycling, and, at the same time, to promote the circular economy in the biking sector. As symbol of green mobility, the bicycle is also a product with an ‘end-of-life’ stage and a concomitant risk of becoming non-recyclable waste, especially through childhood, when multiple purchases of bikes may be necessary as the child outgrows one bike after another. The “Re-Cycling” project involves children, families, cycling instructors and coaches, and other relevant stakeholders, in a series of initiatives concerning green cycling, bicycle repairs, including do-it-yourself repairs, bike reuse, safe and responsible disposal. The main activities are the hybrid Training Program and the Fairs to be held in North Macedonia, Austria, Italy, and France. The project also envisages a robust impact assessment and a final event in Brussels in 2024 which could be designated, under the upcoming European cycling strategy, as the European Year of Cycling!


We are planning 5 community events during which children and families will gather to participate in bike rides, Do-It-Yourself repair workshops, “Revamp your bike” creative Labs and entertainment activities. 


An online educational program aimed at parents, cycling teachers and coaches to learn about: a more sustainable and circular biking industry; bike repairing; bike reuse and safe disposal. Educational materials for transferring knowledge to children and students are also provided.


A repository of  publications and documents concerning circular economy, sustainability, and inclusivity in the biking sector.


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