Pump Track and Velo Rodeo in Skopje

Huge success for the activities Pump Track and Velo Rodeo held on 17th and 18th May 2024 in Skopje, Macedonia, organized by Eco-Logic as part of the Re-Cycling project.

On May 17 many brave girls and boys participated to the Pump Track competition doing tricks and jumps and having fun with music and prizes.

The following day the Shkolka city park was crowded for the Velo Rodeo event dedicated to little ones, but also for adults. Bicycle race, slow race,  balance race, eco experiments, games, art workshops and scout games were in the program: a beautiful day of “green fun” on the two wheels for everyone!

Discover more on the two days of bycicle events in Skopje and watch the videos follow this link Pump Track Competition and Velo Rodeo in Skopje – Re-Cycling Project (ibisprogetti.eu).