17 – 18 May 2024

Pump Track Competition and Velo Rodeo in Skopje

Skopje, North Macedonia

On May 17th and 18th  2024 Eco Logic organized two big bicycle events as part of the Velo Fair activity in the frame of the Re-Cycling project, in Skopje, North Macedonia.


On Friday, May 17th a Pump Track Competition took place at one of the two Skopje’s Tracks, the one near the Olympic Pool in the center of the city. The location is a great mix of urban contradictions so it was perfect for Eco Logic goals to create an inclusive event where youngsters can feel free and accepted no matter the experience they have as bikers. Designed not only as a competitive gathering but also as an educational opportunity for children to learn urban bicycle riding techniques and manners. It featured an array of activities and competitions that brought together experienced bikers and young enthusiasts who displayed a variety of tricks and jumps, skilled or in a phase of learning acrobatics adding to the excitement of the day. Initially, the event organizers set up a Google registration form, which attracted about 50 participants. However, the competition day and the atmosphere increased interest and we reached over 70 children of various ages participating enthusiastically in multiple categories.

These categories included:

riding the fastest time: participants raced against the clock to complete the pump track in the shortest time possible. There were 3 age categories: under 9, 9-14 years old, and 15 and above Performing BMX tricks: Riders showcased their best BMX tricks, impressing the judges and the audience with their skills;

high jumping on bikes: this event challenged participants to achieve the highest jumps on their bikes;

doing tricks on the pump track: competitors performed a variety of tricks specifically on the pump track, demonstrating their control and creativity. Throughout the event, participants engaged in races, jumps, and tricks, utilizing the entire pump track area.

The atmosphere was charged with energy as children and spectators cheered for their favorite competitors and Dj Drazi added up with some great music selection. The best performers in each category were recognized for their talents and received valuable prizes. The Pump Track Competition not only highlighted the athleticism and sportsmanship of young bikers but also fostered a sense of community (we organized a cleaning of the field action) and shared enthusiasm for urban cycling (especially noticed at the very young aged cyclist). It was a memorable day for all involved, filled with laughter, competition, and fun.


On Saturday, 18 th of May Eco Logic hosted the Velo Rodeo event around Školka in the city park, a large area that is commonly used for various types of events in Skopje. The aim of the event was to promote cycling, with an emphasis on improving current and acquiring new skills in children of different ages. The main focus of the event was the recognizable field equipped and set as a cycling polygon, which contains over 25 exercises that improve cycling skills such as balance, control, starting, emergency stopping, riding over obstacles, etc. The event enabled children through play, fun, and education, to convey the message of the benefits of cycling in a safe way, whether it is a sports-oriented or urban ride. By participating in the event, children acquired important skills useful for cycling from home to school and back, or to some other destination.

One of the most important attendees was RSBSP, the Republic Council for Road Traffic Safety with their campaign for safety regulations in driving a bike.

The polygon is designed for children of all ages and skill levels. The response was excellent, fast and slow races were organized for children in different age groups, and for different types of bicycles (with and/or without pedals). More than 200 children raced in tournament-like races, where safety rules and propositions had to be followed. Every participant received a bike bell and catadioptres. For the winners in the small finals, we had lights and safety chains, and special 3 prizes for the overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Another race called Kids, Parents and Scooters was organized to involve the parents more. So kids (aged 3-5) had to ride their scooter/balance bike next to their parent running, get to a marked place put together a puzzle (bike-related topic), and get back. Times were measured and the fastest teams were rewarded with new scooters and safety equipment.

The event included various additional stations with workshops for kids.

Art workshop

For those inclined toward creative pursuits, there was an ongoing art workshop led by one of our educators. It was a fun experience for the kids 3 to 13. Sustainable mobility, cycling, environmental protection and climate change were the topics of interest. This workshop attracted over 150 children and their parents, engaging them in various artistic techniques. Participants explored their creativity with watercolors, tempera crayons, etc. producing artworks that celebrated their imaginative expressions. The drawings were collected and will be saved to be shown in different exhibition events.

Eco experiments

A workshop with experiments also drew significant interest, there were 10 groups, each consisting of 10 to 15 children, participating in hands-on experiments. Guided by two educators and an assistant, the children delved into the realms of Ecology, Natural Sciences, and Natural Processes. They conducted experiments themselves, fostering an experiential learning experience that was both educational and entertaining. More than 20 different experiments rotated among the children.

Lego workshop

The Lego workshop was another hit activity. Children had the opportunity to build with Lego blocks, create sustainable cities, learn about Ecology, and enhance their motor skills. Over 180 children and their parents engaged throughout the day, constructing imaginative creations and learning through play. This was achieved through the tolls in the form of LEGO bricks (more than 25 kilograms of Lego were available for the participants).

Scout games station

Scouts Skopje also contributed to the event with their workshop, teaching children essential outdoor skills. Attendees learned how to set up a tent, the necessities for camping, archery, tree identification, and other survival and educational skills. Making a smoothie with the power of your own feet cycling, inspired lot of pedestrians to cycle a fixed bike. Approximately 120 children participated at this station.

Reading station

Publishing House “Čudna šuma” was present as well, showcasing their publications primarily geared towards children. This corner attracted many young readers and their parents, adding a literary and ilustrative dimension to the event. Also, they had reading workshop where children could hear multiple beautiful stories on topics related to environmental protection, written by Macedonian authors, and guided by a special educator.

Bike shop stations

On the sidelines, there were bike shops’ stands, where products related to cycling were placed and promoted. These shops provided valuable information, giveaways, and maintenance assistance.

Social station

Buy one – donate one, a concept that was introduced at this event, where the team of Eco Logic designed T-shirts and school resources (bags) which were sold at the event with the moto of buy one and donate one (for children from vulnerable categories, children without parents etc).

In total, the event drew more than 600 people, with great music selection creating a vibrant, positive, community-focused atmosphere. The Velo Rodeo event and the workshops were a tremendous success, fostering a love for cycling, competing, taking care of the environment and a sense of community among the children and their families. By providing hands-on education and fun activities, we aimed to instill essential cycling skills, environmental awareness, and creative expression in the young participants. The turnout and enthusiastic participation demonstrated the community’s dedication to embracing healthy, active lifestyles for children. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors, and participants who made these events possible. We look forward to organizing more such events in the future, continuing to inspire and educate our young cyclists and their families.