First Re-Cycling bike fair in North Macedonia

The first ReCycling Bike Fair was held in North Macedonia from 16 to 18 September 2023 organized by Eco Logic. On Saturday 16 September at the Pump Track Polygon at the Olympic Pool in Skopje, a Pump Track Competition event was held with the aim of educating children and youngsters about proper bicycle riding, skill riding as well as awareness raising about the environmental issues that we are facing. On Sunday September 17th in the City Park of Skopje, a Velo Rodeo event was held as part of the Velo Fair activity from the ReCycling project. The goal of this event was to motivate children and parents to practice more different types of sustainable mobility, improve their cycling skills (balance, motorics, speed, safety) and cycling knowledge (road safety, road signs,) as well as to raise their awareness about environmental topics, related to recycling and reuse of bicycles (3R workshops) and also about the negative effects of climate change. The following day 7 smaller bicycle events  were held in 5 neighborhoods in Skopje: Autokomanda, Kisela Voda, Chair, Gazi Baba, Taftalidze and in 2 other townsBitola and Veles, with the participation of more than 1000 children and their parents.

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