Training activities for students started in Gallarate

The training activities of the Re-Cycling project for middle school students started on January 23 at the Dante Comprehensive Institute in Gallarate (Varese). Approximately 40 students from Majno middle school participated in the session, divided into two shifts, focused on bicycle repair and led by Davide Di Ferrara from CT Bike.

“I brought wheels and inner tubes, and as a first step, I showed them how to disassemble, repair, and reassemble them, explaining how to calculate measurements and pressure – explains the expert – The students participated with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. In the upcoming sessions in February and March, we will address other aspects related to bike maintenance and repair.”

The activities will end on April 19 at the grand Re-Cycling fair, which will take place at the Ticino Natural Park headquarter in Cameri (Novara). Additionally, the students will play a key role in the final project presentation scheduled for September in Brussels.